A Wiser Shoreditch Christmas.

Wiser are a fun and young creative and recruitment consultancy who wanted to throw a carefree, funky Christmas party.

They introduced us to First Option Studio in Shoreditch. A split level studio space ideal for this event. Happily First Option have since asked us to be on their list of event planners so if you like the look of the venue please get in touch.

The theme was an enchanted fairytale Christmas so we got down to work creating a magical space. Our prep and rig staff arrive during the morning to set everything up so that by the time the guests arrived everything was in place.

Lunch was Christmas traditional, obviously with a few Melissa Webb twists. e.g a starter of Gruyere and chive soufflé - delicious.

After eating, the party proper started with our staff kept very busy serving and keeping everything flowing nicely.

At 10pm munchies of cheese and ham toasties and cheesy chips were served just to make sure the party could keep going.