Branding Your Event

When you organise an event of course you want everyone to turn up and have a wonderful time. But you also want them to notice who threw the bash and why. This is easier said than done and there’s a fine balance between forcing your brand/message down your guest’s throat and letting them leave with no idea about why you threw the event in the first place.
Of course you want them to enjoy themselves but you also want to ensure they leave having recieved your message.

Branded cookies for  Pandora jewellery

Branded cookies for Pandora jewellery

It’s likely your marketing team will be involved and you’ll want to make sure the event gets noticed in the right way, including on social media. Getting all the relevant parties involved from the start ensures that all areas are covered.  Marketing, HR, Production. 
Of course there are loads of ways to do this. Do you want the waiting staff wearing branded outfits? Should the brand include a hashtag or you might want to just go with some corporate colours.

Branded food can be naff but if you give your guests a well packaged treat when they leave, it can really help to get your message across and be a nice way to reinforce your brand. Maybe some personalised M and Ms or a branded cookie will give them something to think about on the way home. But our fave at the moment are these one portion cocktail bottles - delish, right on point and recyclable !!

One portion branded cocktails

One portion branded cocktails

Another consideration is your organisation’s values. If you’re a health food company you probably don’t want to be serving strong liquor or fried food. Equally if youre trying to sell a men’s rugby brand might want to go for something a little more masculine in your approach. It’s always worth remembering that in the 21st century people fit less and less into traditional boxes so you don’t want to patronise them.


Either way it should be a quality product. You don’t want the last thing you give them to literally leave a bad taste in the mouth.

Branded corporate trays for  Mr and Mrs Smith

Branded corporate trays for Mr and Mrs Smith

Incorporating corporate colours with the food should be handled delicately. If your branding is black and orange you probably don’t want to base your food on those colours. Serving the food on branded corporate trays can be a more colourful way to spread your name.