Ways to make your summer away day memorable.

Getting everyone out of the office can be tricky at the best of times but a summer away day can be one of the best ways to connect with staff and clients. Incorporating a bit of fun with business is also a good way of getting to know people away from the corporate world.

Obviously it makes sense to maximise attendance so if you arrange a coach to do the pick ups it’s much harder for people to drop out at the last minute than if they are making their own way to the venue. An added bonus is the journey can be an ideal way to get business discussions out if the way before the day starts.


You’re out of the office, you’re together so obviously you need to have some focus for your day. Is it just about meetings, or is it about activities? Either way breaks and refreshments are so important. We’re firm believers that fresh, tasty beautifully presented food can enhance anyone’s mood.


Alcohol is a consideration. Are you going to serve it at all, if so do you start at lunch, or wait until later in the day ? This is where good front of house staff come into their own especially if someone overindulges. Of course this depends on whether you want to keep things professional or if you’re happy for people to let their hair down a little. Either way, you need to offer good alcohol free options.

Equally, pretty bespoke, branded cocktails are always a winner. With your company’s logo on they can be a subtle reminder of who’s throwing the bash. 

So that leaves the venue. In town or country we can help. Melissa Webb have relationships with a large number of spectacular locations.

So if we’ve given you food for thought get in touch. We can organise the venue, activities, transport, food and pretty much anything else you can think of.